Epiphan Pearl

Epiphan Pearl - $4875

Stream live video from your studio or on the go with the portable Epiphan Pearl. Record your live feed, while simultaneously streaming up to four 1080p video streams. Use the built-in scaler and video switcher to control your live broadcast from up to four HD video sources.

Epiphan Pearl Rackmount - $5375

Get all the features of Epiphan Pearl, in a modified rackmount shell, designed to be deployed in any standard rack.

Epiphan Rackmount Twin - $10,475

Get two independent Pearl units combined into one Rackmount device. Deploy up to eight HD video streams with the Pearl Rackmount Twin.

Producers Love Epiphan

Everything you need to produce a live broadcast is built-in. Epiphan Pearl combines an encoder, switcher and recorder into one, easy to use device. Questions? Talk to us for a free consultation.

Capture Four Sources Simultaneously

Connect up to four sources to a single Epiphan Pearl. Supported video inputs include HDMI, SDI, DVI and VGA. Audio capture is supported over HDMI, SDI and stereo TRS jacks.

Built-In Switcher

Switch from up to four video sources live, through the built-in switcher. Use the touch screen or web interface to instantly make changes to your live broadcast. Use the video mixer to deliver picture-in-picture broadcasting with two, three or four video sources combined.

Record up to 300 Hours

Stream live, while simultaneously recording in high definition. Pearl is configured with 1TB of storage, allowing you to record up to 300 hours of HD video. Pear Rackmount and Rackmount twin are configured with 512GB Solid State Drives.

Use Epiphan Pearl to Stream: